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Wellness Pass


From A New You: our Wellness Pass!

For just $115, get a Wellness Pass for eight(!) of our wellness machines and options:

  1. Infrared Sauna
  2. Zero-Gravity Massage Chair
  3. Ionic Foot Detox
  4. Cocoon Wellness Pod
  5. AquaFrixio HydroMassage Bed
  6. Red Ray Bed
  7. Oxygen Bar
  8. LED Light Therapy for Pain


Our Wellness Pass:

  • is a great way to try out all the wellness options to see which ones you like best. AND
  • is also a great value … giving you the most bang for your buck!


Call 563.552.7082 to take advantage of this great offer!

What you get:

Equipment Time
Infrared Sauna 30 MINUTES
Zero-Gravity Massage Chair 30 MINUTES
Ionic Foot Detox 30 MINUTES
Cocoon Wellness Pod 30 MINUTES
AquaFrixio HydroMassage Bed 15 MINUTES
Red Ray Bed 15 MINUTES
Oxygen Bar 15 MINUTES
Pain Light Therapy 30 MINUTES

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