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Single Spray Tan + Pre-Paid Package Options | One-year expiration for packages.

Spray Tan Options Cost
1 Full-Body Spray Tan $35
5-Spray Tan Package $150
10-Spray Tan Package $275
20-Spray Tan Package $405

OPTIONAL ADD-ONs TO CONSIDER | highly recommended

  • Pre-Spray + Post-Spray Primers | $10 for both products
    • pre-spray moisturizes and creates a more even tan
    • post-spray helps moisturize and lock in the color
  • 2-Hour Accelerator | $15

About Heated Airbrush Tanning

A New You offers the only heated airbrush spray tanning system in Dubuque. Choose to spray tan at A New You and feel the difference!

Affordable spray tan pricing, with attractive pre-paid packages. Call for your appointment today: 563.552.7082.

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Airbrush spray tanning shades can be customized to your preferred level of color. 

Attire during tanning: Client may dress down to comfort level. Disposable thongs are available upon request.

Pre-tanning session instructions: To maximize spray tan effectiveness, please:

  • Exfoliate within 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment. 
  • No perfume or deodorant.
  • Remove all makeup before arriving for your appointment.

Post-tanning recommended attire: Loose, baggy clothing. Footwear: flip-flops. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I best prepare for my spray tan appointment?
To maximize spray tan effectiveness, please exfoliate and shave within 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. (Preferably the day before.) And no makeup or perfume or deodorant or lotions (the day of your appointment). They can act as a barrier and prevent even application.
What should I do (not do) the day of my appointment?
The day of your spray tan/airbrush appointment, refrain from using moisturizers, makeup, perfumes, lotions, oils, or deodorants that may cause a barrier between your skin and the airbrush tanning solution. Resume use only after your first shower.
Can I have a manicure or pedicure the same day as my spray tan appointment?
Unfortunately, no. The day before or the day after works though.
What do you recommend wearing immediately after my tanning appointment?
Loose, baggy clothing and for footwear, preferably flip-flops. (Socks will leave tan lines.)
Any advice for the first few hours after my spray tan appointment?
First of all, don’t sweat or get wet! In other words, no showering or activities that make you sweat. Wait a minimum of 4 hours before you shower … 10-12 hours for darker, longer-lasting results.
How soon can I bathe or shower after my spray tan?
For optimum results, after your spray tan is complete, wait at least 10-12 hours before showering or bathing.

With our recommended Accelerator products: If you’re using our 2-hour Accelerator, you may shower after 2-3 hours of development time.

How long does a spray tan last?
About 7-10 days.
What can I do to best maintain/maximize my spray tan?
To maintain your spray tan, use non-abrasive soaps or gels, and do not exfoliate for at least 5-7 days. (We actually recommend not exfoliating, or using abrasive cleansers in between tanning sessions.) After each shower, it’s recommended to use an approved daily moisturizer which contains active ingredients to enhance and prolong the life and depth of your tan. [We can recommend products to maximize your tanning results. Just ask.]
Are there products available that will help extend my airbrush tan?
Yes. We recommend using a Sunless Spray in between professional airbrush tanning sessions to prolong your tanning results. It’s tea-tree-oil injected and DHA-activated to touch up parts of the body in between tans. Another is a Daily Glo Moisturizer … start use after 2-3 days/showers after your professional airbrush tanning sessions to maximize your tanning results. Tea-tree-oil enriched, DHA-enhanced, and cell-stimulating, it’s formulated to keep skin hydrated and extend the life of the airbrush tan. Both products are available at Afterglow Salon & Spa. Questions? Please ask us during your tanning appointment.
Are bridal packages available?
Yes. Bridal Party Spray Tan Packages can be scheduled and are available upon request.

Spray tanning performed 1-2 days prior to Wedding Day.

  • With a party of 5 (or more) paid, the bride is half-price.

Feel the Difference:

Professional Heated Sunless Airbrushing

  • This unique tanning system is exclusively offered in Dubuque by A New You Spa.
  • Advanced chemistry, groundbreaking engineering.
  • Specially formulated, vitamin enriched.
  • Fully customizable sunless tanning application every time.
  • An unparalleled level of custom contouring.
  • Tanning formulation enhanced with Tea Tree, Argan, and Grapeseed Oil.
  • Erythrulose and DHA produce a tan that lasts longer, fades evenly, and provides a natural color for all skin types and tones.
  • The application is delivered by a silver-certified airbrush technician (Kaylee Demmer).

You’ll feel comfortable, confident, liberated.

healthy skin = beautiful skin

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