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Semi-Permanent Mascara

  • As a stand-alone service: $40
  • For removal: $10
  • Semi-Permanent Mascara + Lash Lift: $105

Semi-Permanent Mascara has arrived at A New You Spa!

Mascara is undeniably the world’s No. 1 makeup must-have. And with women of all ages longing for luscious lashes that last, this lash enhancement offers the perfect solution to get the look of fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes for up to 4 weeks. It’s called:

Semi-Permanent Mascara


What is Semi-Permanent Mascara (SPM)?

SPM is a formaldehyde-free, hypoallergenic, flexible lash coating that has:

  • a similar effect to that of mascara AND
  • the staying power unlike any other!


How long does Semi-Permanent Mascara last?

This new, innovative product and treatment can be applied to both upper and lower lashes with a durable coating for smudge-resistant and waterproof wear … lasting 2 to 4 weeks.

Can SPM be used with other lash services?

Yes! It’s designed to complement Lash Lifting … giving you a lash lift + enhancement that can last up to 12 weeks.


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