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Treatment Single Session 3-Session Package
SIGNATURE Hydrafacial¹ $150 $425
DELUXE Hydrafacial² $180 $510
PREMIUM Hydrafacial³ $225 $640
HAND Hydrafacial $50
BACK Hydrafacial $200

¹The SIGNATURE Hydrafacial
. cleansing +
. exfoliation +
. acid peel +
. extractions +
. hydration +
. LED light therapy

²The DELUXE Hydrafacial
. SIGNATURE components +
. choice of one(1) booster:
  › Dermabuilder | helps soften fine lines and wrinkles OR
  › Britenol | helps lighten and brighten uneven skin tone and/or hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
. both boosters (Dermabuilder + Britenol): add $25

³The PREMIUM Hydrafacial
. SIGNATURE components +
. Lymphatic drainage +
. growth factor booster (aids in overall cell health … to lighten, brighten, hydrate and protect the skin)


A Hydrafacial is …
. for women AND men.
. for amazing skin.
. for renewed confidence.
. for your best first impression.
. performed by Certified HydraFacial Technician Kaylee Demmer. 
. skincare made simple: 3 steps | 30 minutes

Clients have been absolutely delighted with the results of A New You Hydrafacial!


THE DRAMATIC RESULTS: Before-and-After …




THE STEPS: 3 steps in A New You Hydrafacial …


CLEANSE + PEEL | The Cleanse: A small deplaning instrument is used to open up the pores on your face, remove dead skin cells and sweep away debris left behind by makeup. The experience feels a lot like having your face gently massaged by an electric toothbrush. The Peel: This glycolic acid peel is very gentle and shouldn’t cause your skin to sting.

EXTRACT + HYDRATE | The Extraction: During this phase of the treatment, you’ll be able to see what has been hiding inside of your pores. A vortex-extraction nozzle is used to perform the extractions, a device very similar to a vacuum.

FUSE + PROTECT | The Fusion: The serum application uses a  vortex-fusion tool to infuse your skin with antioxidants and collagen. Important because it protects your skin while promoting hydration and elasticity.


healthy skin = beautiful skin


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