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Glo2Facial Pricing

Customizable, zero-downtime treatments for hydrated and glowing skin.

Single Treatment


3-Treatment Package (10% off)


How it works

Glo2Facial is the gateway to extraordinary outcomes for your skin … and your life.

This breakthrough treatment unlocks the body’s natural superpowers:

  • Oxfoliate™ with O2 bubbles,
  • Amplify with LUX via our lite ultrasound experience, and
  • Detox via lymphatic massage.


Glo2Facial OxyPods react with Primer Gel to gently exfoliate the skin and create a bubbly, CO2-rich environment on the skin’s surface. The body responds by sending a surge of oxygen to the skin, which creates ideal conditions to nourish and transform the skin from the inside out.

Amplify with LUX.

A Lite Ultrasound experience creates micro vibrations that instantly smooth the skin and increase the permeability of the skin’s protective layer, enabling better nutrient absorption.


A relaxing hands-free lymphatic massage sculpts the face, delivering instant reduction of redness and puffiness while infusing active ingredients even deeper into the skin.