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Corrective Skin Facials + Relaxation Facials

All facials include:

  • dermaplaning +
  • 20 minutes of LED light therapy +
  • facial massage +
  • extractions (if needed).


The dmGlow Facial / $165

Great for all skin types (except sensitive skin), the dmGlow Facial is a renewing and rejuvenating treatment combining mechanical exfoliation (microdermabrasion), chemical peels, and skincare to produce a fresh, radiant glow for everyone.

Neuskin Facial / $115

This facial is great for clients with sensitive, dry, lackluster skin who need a boost in hydration and rejuvenation of the skin.

My L.A. Face Facial / $125

Great for all skin types, this is the Neuskin Facial ENHANCED! This facial also has the added benefit of antiaging as well as a hydration skin boost.

Mascne Facial (for acne-prone skin) / $125

The Mascne Facial is great for people with acne-prone skin, either from wearing a

mask frequently, or due to other outside factors.

Mascne Facial (for irritated skin / no acne) / $125

This Macne Facial is great for people with rosacea, redness, irritation from wearing

mask or from other outside factors.

Drench Facial / $150

Drench facial is great for severely dry, dehydrated skin from either weather

changes, lifestyles or from environmental factors. [Not for acenic or rosacea prone skin.]

Fire + Ice Facial / $165

Fire & Ice is a heavy exfoliation facial that is great for antiaging, pigment concerns, or dull/lackluster skin. Great for all skin types except sensitive skin.

Pore-Tightening Facial / $115

Pore-tightening is great for clients with larger pores that need Impurities removed and need their skin decongested from black heads or other dirt and debris.

Great for all skin types.

Laskin Essential Prep Facial / $150

Laskin Essential Prep uses Celtic salts to help draw impurities out of the skin and

leave the face with glowing, supple skin. This product has over 80 trace minerals to feed and nourish your skin to look its best. This will also help aid in better product penetration. Great for all skin types.

Age Rewind Facial / $165

Age Rewind is going to help turn back those hands of time! This antiaging facial

is great for getting the sluggish skin moving and back in top notch condition!


Tranquility Facial / $85

The essential New You relaxing facial. Custom designed to relax and hydrate the skin.

Eternal Youth Facial / $100

A lush facial that focuses on the unique issues of maturing skin. Formulated with

vitamins and nutrients.

Mini-Facial / $50

Great for kids! Just a quick glow-up to soften and hydrate the skin.

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Add-ons or Stand-alone Treatments

Restorative Neck + Décolleté Treatment
Using a fusion-based component, this light exfoliant mixed with peptides helps address and prevent skin aging in the neck and décolleté areas.

Add-on: $75

Stand-alone: $100