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A New You Skin Treatments


Tranquility Facial | $75
The essential New You facial. Designed to relax and hydrate the skin.

Eternal Youth Facial |$85
A lush facial that focuses on the unique issues of maturing skin. Formulated with vitamins and nutrients.

Neuskin Facial | $95
This rejuvenating facial begins with dermaplaning the skin and is then followed up with nano technology to infuse Hyaluronic Acid or Growth factor serum into the skin.
. Hyaluronic Acid is excellent for those who need a boost in moisture/hydration.
. Growth factor serum is used for those who prefer more of a plump, hydration effect, and an increase in collagen production.

My L.A. Face Facial | $125
This is the Neuskin Facial ENHANCED! After dermaplaning and using nanotechnology, we apply a mask soaked in O² Serum to help restore needed hydration and to aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This added moisture is especially vital during change-of-seasons!

Skin Salvation Facial (for acne-prone skin) | $100
This facial begins with a dermaplaning treatment to remove the dead skin and hair that can cause acne bacteria buildup. This healing and skin-calming facial:
. specializes in using detoxifying and purifying products to help draw impurities up and out of the skin.
. includes 20 minutes of relaxation under our LightStim light therapy to help heal and calm your acne irritation.
. ends using zinc (which has strong anti-inflammatory properties) to calm and soothe the skin and leave you feeling comfortable and refreshed.
[Add extractions for $15 more.]

Peptide Hydrating Facial | $115
Designed and perfect for clients with super dry skin! The step-by-step process:
. dermaplaning the face to remove dead skin,
. the addition of growth factor solution to the skin, then finally,
. the application of a Peptide Enzyme Mask to soothe and hydrate thirsty skin!

Pore-Tightening Facial (for clients with larger pores) | $115
This specially-designed process includes:
. a dermaplaning treatment to remove the dead skin and facial hair.
. the application of a pore-tightening mask.
. a 20-minute light therapy (while the mask is setting) to help heal and soothe the skin.
. a nano technology treatment to drive zinc into the skin.

Laskin Essential Prep (a client favorite!) | $150
Appropriate for all skin types, this amazing treatment infuses more than 80 trace minerals that feed and nourish the skin! In addition, Celtic sea salts draw impurities up and out of the skin. The complete treatment process includes:
. dermaplaning to remove dead skin and vellus hair from the face.
. the application of the Laskin Essential Prep and the use of nanotechnology to infuse the product into the skin for maximum effectiveness.
. the setting of the product (up to 20 minutes) under our Celluma light therapy. [This essential time allows the product to adhere to the remaining dead skin cells on the surface.]
. the manual removal of the product.
The result? An amazing, glowing finish!
The best part? It prepares the skin for maximum product penetration for your homecare routine.


Duration for Facial: 45-90 minutes.

Focused-Area Skin Treatments

Add Extractions to any Facial | +$25
Professional removal of acne and skin imperfections — blackheads (open comedones), whiteheads (closed comedones), milia — for a clearer, smoother complexion.


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